Cheaters Can't Handle Being Cheated On !

Aint this some truth lol ! Cheaters always want you to remain loyal while they're out there being unfaithful ! How ironic right? Can...

Sunday, November 17, 2019

Cheaters Can't Handle Being Cheated On !

Aint this some truth lol ! Cheaters always want you to remain loyal while they're out there being unfaithful ! How ironic right? Can you imagine the audacity of a person to want something that they cannot give? Like how in the hell does it make any sense?

I don't even mean to sound angry, i'm just as confused as everybody else because I just do not understand it! Like why should I be faithful to somebody who is out there cheating on me? Why can't we both cheat together since we are supposed to be one? See the reality is cheaters can't actually take being cheated on. They can cheat from now to Christmas but once they find out they're partner is cheating too, its a wrap! They can't handle it!

Like honestly, what it do baby boo?.. If you can't handle being cheated on, don't cheat.. point, blank period! If you can't handle the pain, don't put somebody else through it simple!

Point of this message is to do to others what you can accept unto yourself and it's as simple as that !

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Friday, November 8, 2019

Dilemms Thursdays

Q:"I like one boy but he does not like me"
A: "This question already gives you the answer to be honest. If you know he does not like you then you need to let him go because you are wasting your time. Don't think you can spend ways trying to make him like you because trust me when I say that is not a method that actually works. A guy either likes you or he does not and it's just that simple. I would just advise that you take time out for yourself and do things that make you happy and trust me when I say the guy that will like you just as much as you like them will come into your life"

Q:"Loving someone deeply whom you cannot marry due to religious reasons"
A:" This is very sad to be honest but religion is very important so I cannot argue much against this. If your religion does not allow you to be with the person that you want to be with then I guess you have to follow your religion. "But one thing I will say is that just make sure that it is definitely a religious reason and not just an excuse. I know many people that uses religion as an excuse to not be with a certain person even though there is nothing within the religion that states they they should be with the person that they are with, infact its more of the persons personal judgement". 

Q:"Y are independent woman afraid of Godly Men?"
A:" I don't actually know where you got this information from but it is incorrect! I don't know any independent woman that is afraid of Godly Men. However, I do know that there are men that claim to be "Godly" but are still out here doing Ungodly things, now those kind of men are the kind of men every woman should be afraid of. I always say, just because a man claims to be a man of God does not mean he is really practicing it, infact a man that does not claim it may be more of a man of God. Just a big warning to be careful and be aware that alot of people are not what they say they are and you have to look at their actions more than their speeches. 

Q:"My girl broke up with me and went to baby daddy but is still trying to msg and stalk my socials"
A:" Let that girl go. She made her bed now it is time for her to lay in it. She chose her baby father, now it is time for you to choose yourself. Let her go ! She doesn't deserve you if you're not her first choice, trust me! There's no sweeter revenge than moving on. Since she is stalking all of your social media then you need to show her you living your best life without her.. Show her that you are moving on and she isn't as important as she thinks because the truth is she isn't !   You don't need anybody in your life who does not choose you when you choose them! "

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Tuesday, November 5, 2019

God Allowed Them To Walk Away Because Of your Prayers

Some people really don't deep this and they really need to ! When you decide to pray on certain things you need to assess what is actually happening around you. If you start praying for a good partner and the person you're with starts acting up, then that person isn't the one for you, period! 

Remember that God sees what we cannot see, so you have to trust in God to help you in the way God sees fit!  It is soo important to watch out for the signs that God leaves for us because it is detrimental to our future! 

How about this, instead of praying for what you think you need, start praying that God shows you what you really need. Because there is a major difference between what you think you need and what you actually need in your life and us humans tend to confuse the two. 

When I changed my prayer point in my life, things really changed for me and it only got better. God wiped out all the people that I didn't need in my life and replaced them with people that I needed.

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Tuesday, October 29, 2019

Don't Trip When an ex moves on !

Loud it for the people in the Back ! In fact let me say it again DON'T TRIP WHEN A EX MOVES ON ! ALWAYS REMEMBER THAT OUR PARENTS TAUGHT US TO GIVE OUR USED TOYS TO THE LESS FORTUNATE! I hope you guys have got the message now. 

When a ex moves on, just be greatful to the Lord that somebody else has taken away your misery and its now on them to deal with ! If they want to have your used toys, then  let them have it ! Don't be mad, don't be sad, just be happy it's no longer your pain to bear. 

Nobody, I mean nobody should be mad over an ex moving on. They are your ex for a reason and once they are out of your life they should not have any type of effect on your life at all even when they decide to move on. 

In this current state i'm in, i swear i'll only budge if i hear my ex was dating some major celebrity and that's just a fact... Nothing my ex does at this moment in time can ever effect me because I'm over him and that is the way it needs to be. The moment you decided to make that person you ex is the moment you need to be able to cut off all emotions and move on with your life.

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Thursday, October 24, 2019

Dilemma Thursdays

Question "He follows and likes random chicks pics on social media. It makes me feel insecure"

Answer: Girl you need to drop his ass, period ! If he's making you feel insecure then he isn't for you. Another thing I will say is you need to work on yourself and level up on you confidence. Take some time out and focus on fully loving yourself to a point where nobody can make you feel insecure. Sometimes looking in a mirror every morning and saying pointing out all the things you love about yourself to your reflection really helps. 

Question: "If my lady don't do whatever I say in the bed room i get turnt off... Suck mydickputthetittiesontheshyt"

Answer: I can kind of understand this because everybody wants their partner to be able to please them the way they want to be pleased. All it takes is you talking to your partner and telling her where she needs to improve without being disrespectful. Make sure you take her feelings into consideration and ensure you talk to her like a human being and make her as comfortable as she can be ! 

Question: " I loved this nigga sooo much but he just kept me as a s friend and dumped me later on"

Answer: Sis, he doesn't respect you at all and you need to let him go ! He does not even deserve a little piece of you. Wait for the right guy to come along it just takes time and patience and let it be his loss. He's simply just blind and can't see what's infront of him and that's his problem, not yours ! Love yourself because nobody else can love you the way you can love yourself, period ! When you finally find the guy that you deserve, you honestly won't even think about this guy for one second, trust me boo.

Question: "Being BI AS HELL (some people can't process that)"

Answer: Be you unapologetically as long as you love yourself then nothing else matters and I mean NOTHING!  It really doesn't matter what anybody else thinks about you, what matters is what you think about you ! They do not need to be able to process anything as long as you have processed it, period ! 

Question: "She is doing well with her life but I effing up with my life coz I wasted too much time on her"

Answer: You need to concentrate on you and forget about everything she is doing. You cannot allow what she's doing now to ruin what you have got going on. You deserve to give yourself the best and that's just that ! Take it as a learning process, you tried and it failed and that's okay ! Everybody tries and fails,you've just got to get back up and bounce back ... That time you wasted is gone, let it go, you can never get it back but what you can do is make sure that you make the time that's coming more valuable.  

Wednesday, October 23, 2019

A Real Man Will Remove Any Female That Threatens His Relationship !

No word of a lie has been told here ! A Real man will remove any female that threatens his relationship with the woman he loves whilst a boy will continuously make excuses. Know the difference between a Man and a Boy.

Ladies we have to stop dating these boys and start dating these men if we want to be in a relationship where we are respected. A boy will continuously disrespect you in a relationship whereas a man will treat you with the utmost respect and that's just facts !

Let's just be completely honest here, a real man would not even allow a female to threaten your relationship in the first damn place ! Deep that and let it sink in ! We have to stop with the mentality that all men cheat so if a man cheats we have to get over it and forgive him because it happens everywhere ! We have to start believing that there are real men out there who aren't here disrespecting their ladies and are not out here allowing another female to disrespect their lady !

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Thursday, October 17, 2019

Dilemma Thursday

Dilemma: " I have been going out with a guy (we've known each other for almost 3 years but we are on and off. 2 weeks he's so into me and out of the blue he's distant and it's not even the first time he does that "
Answer: The fact that you guys are on and off for almost 3 years is a sign that this relationship isn't healthy ! It's looking like a bad habit if i'm honest with you. I will advise that you let him go because it does not seem that he is treating you the way that you deserve. You definitely deserve more than this, you deserve someone who gives you stability and somebody who doesn't just have an on and off switch with your heart. If he loves you, trust me when I say he wouldn't treat you like this. Just find a way to let go and next time make sure you do not settle for less ! 

Dilemma: "Soo me and my girlfriend have been going threw rough 2 - 3 weeks cause we've been cheating"
Answer: If i understand this correctly, you've both been cheating? Well this doesn't sound healthy at all ! You need to both let go, this isn't worth it and both of you are obviously not as happy as you need to be if we are being honest ! If you need to cheat that means you're no longer in love with the person you are with ands it is that simple. You both deserve better than what you are giving each other ! 

Dilemma: "He seen me, and lurk my pages, n doesn't want to talk"
Answer: Loool this just sounds like a guy with no action, you don't need him sis ! If he does not have the balls to reach out to you or attempt to hit you up then he isn't  the one for you! Or maybe he just likes viewing your pictures, I don't know. But what i do know is if he doesn't approach you or say anything, nobody will know what it is! I mean if you're confident enough to ask him what's up, then do it sis, you have nothing to lose ! 

Dilemma: "Why do niggahs let they pride take over how they really feel n wanna block a bih"
Answer: Many guys have pride and it's all to do with their ego, it's nothing new. I know many guys who have let the women they love get away all due to stupid pride and I could never understand it. You've got to let him know that if he continues the way he is you're going to bounce without looking back ! Maybe that might wake him up ... Only God knows ! It's time you give him an ultimatum and if he still chooses his pride, then girl you've got to bounce, you deserve better than that ! 

Dilemma : "Why are women afraid to have a honest relationship with a real man"
Answer: Hmmmmm i wouldn't say this applies to all women but I do know of some that are afraid of this. I know that this is the case because some females are scared of heartbreak so that is why they prefer to hide things in order for them not to be vulnerable to be heartbroken. If you want a woman to be honest with you, you have to be honest with them, it's just that simple !