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Even A Good Player Will Someday Become A Toy Of A Better Player...

Now this is a straight up fact !  This is definitely something I believe that some of these "players" forget, they forget that karma is a real thing. Karma is that thing that quietly creeps up on you and gets you back for the bad things that you have done, it may come straight away or it may even come a few years later but it will most definitely come.  Now with experience and from what I have seen I know that some females become soo tired of being played so they then train themselves to become players and they end up playing the men who were at the top of their game and have now "retired" and want to be faithful. Now in this instance this is the best example of karma. Can you imagine, a guy who has been playing girls for years, now falls in love and is ready to be faithful but falls in love with a female who wants to play him because of her previous experiences, so he now becomes the toy of a better player. You see how karma works, it's a savage but this is why these so called "players" need to be careful. You can't just keep playing girls and breaking hearts and expect no sort of punishment. Maybe if these "players" thought about karma, there will be less "players" in this world just due to the fear of karma. Now ladies, i'm not advising you to all become players but my ebook will teach you the tricks of a player in order for you to know when you're being played so you can then be in control of your situation.

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