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Sis, Let That Player Go !

Now this is definitely a rule us ladies should pay attention to but unfortunately this is rule alot of us ignore.  As soon as we see the signs of a player, we should really stop wasting our time and just be patient and wait on the guy who would treat us right. Ladies why do we always friendzone the good guy just to end up with the "bad boy"? Now let's be real honest, most "bad boys" have those irresistible traits which just have us drawn to them but falling for these traits do not work out for us in the long haul.  Ladies, as soon as you see the traits of a player, my best advise to you is to run, run as fast as you can to the opposite direction. I swear if i had ran, i would never have been heartbroken ever and that's just the honest truth. Now let me be honest,  the "bad boys" are cute when you're young but as you're growing older you start to see that these soo called "bad boys" are not worth the stress.  It really isn'

I Heard You're A Player ... Let's Play A Game

Now how funny would this be ladies if we were to operate with this mentality? What if we changed the game up and played the same game that these players are playing? I mean would we be held accountable if we were to break their hearts before they broke ours? Now I know a lot of you reading this have a conscious and are not able to live by being deceitful and i totally understand but sometimes you have to wonder how a player is able to play these games and make a woman fall in love just to break their heart.  Now let's say a female decided enough is enough, she's tired of the tricks and she's now ready to play chess. Is she in the wrong to do so? Or are these players not in the wrong for pushing a female to want to play the game because she is tired of being played? We live in a world where it is now acceptable for a man to play a females heart but if a female was to turn around and do the same, she is looked down on. There is a double standard. This double standard is no

Act Like A Lady, Think Like A Man

This is most definitely one of the most important rules to abide by. Ladies, In order to not get played, you must think like man because if you think like a man you would have an idea of what he is capable of. Now I bet a lot of you are wondering, how is it possible to know what a man is thinking ?. To be honest, it's impossible to enter anyones mind because there's nobody on this earth who has the ability of a mind reader but there are ways to kind of predict what a man would do because most men are just so damn predictable. Studying and assessing a mans actions is the best way to get an indication of what he may be thinking and it's the best way to know what he may do next.  Once you've built yourself to think like a man, trust me when I say it will minimise the chances of you being disappointed or heartbroken. If only I had this mentality years ago, i would have probably reduced my chances of being played and i'm sure most of us reading this agrees.  N

Ladies, Know Your Worth !

"Treat Me Like A Queen And I'll Treat You Like A King. Treat Me Like A Game And I'll Show You How Its Played".. I believe that this is most definitely how it should be. If A man treats you like a Queen you should return that same treatment and treat him like a King but if he decides to play you like a game you've got to show him how to play the damn game. I know that some people believe that you should treat a person good no matter what they do to you but let's be real, how's a man supposed to learn if you keep on allowing him to treat you like rubbish. Ladies you have to set the standard, let a man know your worth and that you only accept the best for yourself or nothing. When you set the standard, if he likes you he will treat you the way you're supposed to be treated because he respects the fact that you know your worth. There is nothing more attractive than a female who knows her worth and accepts nothing less than what she deserves. Now the mos

3 Rules In Relationships

Now let's be honest,  these rules are basic rules and they look quite easy to follow right?,  but unfortunately it is not the case in this day and age. Apparently these 3 rules seem to be the hardest rules to abide by and it seems as though some people think its easier to just lie, cheat and make promises that they cannot keep.  Now the simple fact is that lying and cheating are the most common traits in a player but the mistake us ladies make is that once we sense the lying and cheating we believe the excuses and we stay, believing he will no longer do it again but what some of us fail to understand is, once he gets away with it the first time, it will become a hobby and he will keep on doing it. To be honest ladies sometimes we have got to hold ourselves responsible because sometimes it is us that allows for the man to continuously lie and cheat due to what we allow. If we were to put our foot down the first time a man cheated or told a massive lie, I am sure it wouldn't