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Act Like A Lady, Think Like A Man

This is most definitely one of the most important rules to abide by. Ladies, In order to not get played, you must think like man because if you think like a man you would have an idea of what he is capable of. Now I bet a lot of you are wondering, how is it possible to know what a man is thinking ?. To be honest, it's impossible to enter anyones mind because there's nobody on this earth who has the ability of a mind reader but there are ways to kind of predict what a man would do because most men are just so damn predictable. Studying and assessing a mans actions is the best way to get an indication of what he may be thinking and it's the best way to know what he may do next.  Once you've built yourself to think like a man, trust me when I say it will minimise the chances of you being disappointed or heartbroken. If only I had this mentality years ago, i would have probably reduced my chances of being played and i'm sure most of us reading this agrees. 

Now The Tricks Of A Player Ebook will help because it will give you an insight into how men may think.

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