Ladies, Know Your Worth !

"Treat Me Like A Queen And I'll Treat You Like A King. Treat Me Like A Game And I'll Show You How Its Played".. I believe that this is most definitely how it should be. If A man treats you like a Queen you should return that same treatment and treat him like a King but if he decides to play you like a game you've got to show him how to play the damn game. I know that some people believe that you should treat a person good no matter what they do to you but let's be real, how's a man supposed to learn if you keep on allowing him to treat you like rubbish. Ladies you have to set the standard, let a man know your worth and that you only accept the best for yourself or nothing. When you set the standard, if he likes you he will treat you the way you're supposed to be treated because he respects the fact that you know your worth. There is nothing more attractive than a female who knows her worth and accepts nothing less than what she deserves. Now the most common thing i see, is females settling with men who clearly do not deserve them and I never fully understood why that was the case until I was in a situation where I was settling for less but did not really realise until i was out of the situation. From experience, it seems like we end up in these sort of situations due to not really knowing what we deserve,  so we set the bar so low and end up falling for a guy who doesn't see our worth because we didn't see it ourselves. Ladies trust me when I say that it is so important to know your worth to prevent you from settling for less. 

 If you are reading this right now just know that you are a Queen who deserves the world and no man should be able to enter your palace if he cannot treat you as the Queen that you are. 

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