Sis, Let That Player Go !

Now this is definitely a rule us ladies should pay attention to but unfortunately this is rule alot of us ignore.  As soon as we see the signs of a player, we should really stop wasting our time and just be patient and wait on the guy who would treat us right. Ladies why do we always friendzone the good guy just to end up with the "bad boy"? Now let's be real honest, most "bad boys" have those irresistible traits which just have us drawn to them but falling for these traits do not work out for us in the long haul.  Ladies, as soon as you see the traits of a player, my best advise to you is to run, run as fast as you can to the opposite direction. I swear if i had ran, i would never have been heartbroken ever and that's just the honest truth. Now let me be honest,  the "bad boys" are cute when you're young but as you're growing older you start to see that these soo called "bad boys" are not worth the stress.  It really isn't cute to be growing grey hairs at the age of 25 all because one boy is stressing your life.

Sis, Let That Player GOOO !!

Honestly if there is one thing to learn from this post, its that. Save your energy & most importantly Save your time. Stop wasting the time you have on boys that can't even respect you or doesn't even know your worth. Give your time to the one who respects you & cherishes you.

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