A man cannot be kept if he doesn't want to be kept !

Period ! You can do back flips on the D, cook his favorite food every single day and even finance his life and he still might leave ! Yo...

Wednesday, October 31, 2018

Every Girl Wants To Change A Player But Truth Is Every Player Wants A Girl Worth The Change

Facts On Facts On Facts ! Now the bitter truth is that not every girl is actually capable of changing a player just due to the simple fact that they may not be worth the change for that particular person. Ladies, a player needs to want to change and this is not something that can be forced. If a player truly believes you are worth it, the player will change or at least attempt to change. Now when you're with a person who just continues to mistreat you regardless of the amount of times you have begged for change, it simply means you are not the person he wants to change for. This is why there are situations where you see a man mistreat a lady in one relationship but then when he leaves for another he is treating the other person with respect, it's because that person is the person he wants to be good for. Ladies we need to start living in reality and just be honest with ourselves,  if he's not changing for you, let him go, you are not for him and is is obviously not for you.

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Wednesday, October 24, 2018

Dear Players, Don't Let Karma Bite You Through Your Daughters !

Now this is just a hard hitting fact which most players fail to realize ! If a player isn't scared of hurting feelings, a player should most definitely be scared of what karma can do. Karma has no menu, you literally get served what you deserve.. Now i think some of these players forget that in the the future they may have daughters and it's only when they have them, they start to regret the pain that they cause when playing these games. I wonder how they feel when wiping the tears off their daughters face because of the same pain that they caused others, now imagine that. Karma is just that real ! Now players, maybe you should think before you start breaking hearts even if it's just so your future daughters don't have to bare the same pain that you caused. I'm sure thats not the kind of pain you wish for your daughters to bare. It's sad really that it's karma that makes a player regretful of the pain caused to others but i guess that's just the way it works these days.

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Sunday, October 21, 2018

You Love Me? Stop Lying

Now Ain't this just the painful truth. Its annoying to know that the actions of  a player can cause soo much pain but this still does not stop a player from playing. How do these players find it soo easy to play with peoples emotions and feelings knowing how much pain it could cause. This is what you call heartless for real. Now we have got to stop being victims to their games, we have to learn to be stronger ! No more crying and no more hurting, it's simply not worth it. If a person doesn't do their best to make sure their actions do not hurt you. they don't love you enough and that's just the painful reality. It is soo important to put yourself first, Protect your sanity and leave any sort of situation that prevents you from being happy. The truth of the matter is you've got to stop trying to make things work with people that are not willing to sacrifice their selfish behaviour to make things work with you. If they don't want to change their actions to prevent you from hurting, then you need to let them go because your happiness is most definitely not their priority.

It's Time TO Put Ourselves First And Let Go Of People Who Do Not Care For Our Happiness

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Wednesday, October 17, 2018

Players Are Fluent In Lies, Excuses & Bullshit

Now this is a straight up fact. If you're looking to identify a player, here it is. Watch out for the lies, the excuses and the BS! Now let's be real, some players are actually good at the lying and the excuses which is why it is quite difficult to spot when they are doing so.  Sometimes I actually wonder if there is a school where these players are taught because it's starting to look like a profession. But trust me when you catch your other half telling one too many lies and giving one too many excuses, you've got to let them go because they won't ever stop as it is a part of them.  Now Players need to lie and give excuses in order for them not to get caught in their deceit, which is why they are so fluent.

Now the most common question  that people seem to ask is why do men lie? Let's be honest, there are a vary of reasons as to why men lie to which my ebook goes into detail with. But the main reasons why men lie is either to hide something, to protect themselves or others, because they want to or because they are cheating. Now some of the reasons are just straight up selfish especially when they are lying to protect themselves or just simply because they want to but we have to have some sort of understanding for when they lie to protect others. Now i'm not saying its a valid excuse but i do understand that some men feel the pressure to have to lie in order to make their other half happy. Ladies this is where i put the blame on us because it's us that puts this pressure on them because when they want to be honest we already start with the problems before they even finish. So how can we fully blame them for lying to make us happy. 

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Sunday, October 14, 2018

Cheating Is Easy, Try Something Challenging Like Being Faithful

Well isn't this a fact.. Cheating has become soo easy these days and being faithful is actually the challenge. What a world we live in eh? Why is it easier to be unfaithful than it is to be faithful? I just can't understand it. If i was to guess the reason why, i'd say maybe because it's easier to lie than it is to tell the truth because the lie always sounds sweeter. To be honest ladies, this is where i think we are at fault. Men lie because of our reaction to the actual truth that they tell, even if the truth is small most of us are already mad or disappointed when they're honest which is probably why most men prefer to lie.  Now i'm not making excuses for men that lie, but sometimes we have to take responsibility especially where we may not be completely blameless.

Now the main question is, why is it soo hard to be faithful?  Apparently There are a vary of reasons as to why being faithful is "challenging". Now I can't say that I agree that there should be a reason at all but when researching the reasons, there are some I actually reason with. The reasons that I found reasoning with were unequal commitment,  harsh neglect and lack of intimacy. Now the reasons I found reason with these reasons was because it kind of makes sense for someone to want to step out if their partner doesn't love them the same, neglects them and shows a lack of intimacy.  But personally I am a strong believer in leaving a situation instead of being unfaithful. I don't understand why a person cannot just get up and leave if they are no longer feeling the relationship, isn't it easier to just do that? But then again some people do actually love their partners which is the reason they prefer to be unfaithful instead of letting go.

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Wednesday, October 10, 2018

Play The Role OF The Fool To Fool The Fool Who Thinks They Are Fooling You !

Amen To This Quote ! This is definitely a major way to handle a man who thinks that he is a "player". Sometimes you have to pretend as though you are clueless in order to beat him at his own game. For example, if you happen to find out your man is playing you, stay silent about it until you build enough evidence to confront him with it so he is unable to lie to get out of the situation. Trust me ladies, we've got to be smarter and playing the role of the fool sometimes is the smartest way. Mind you, theres a major difference between playing the fool and actually being the fool, please don't allow yourself to actually be the fool. It's evident that these so called "players" are looking at the women they play as though they are fools because if that was not the case they would never play them like they're stupid, right? Riighhhhttt ..

So ladies be smart, take control, if you've got to play the fool, do it, because it will work out for you in the end. Thank Me Later.

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Wednesday, October 3, 2018

I have Met Liars, Players, A Holes & Douchebags !

I just know a lot of females can relate to this one ! Soo unfortunate but soo real ! I doubt that any female can say that haven't met a liar, player, A Hole or Douchebag ! Honestly, sometimes it's soo exhausting just meeting all the Mr .Wrongs and it just makes you question if there is such a thing as a Mr Right. I know there are quite a few people that say that one day you will find Mr.Right but let's be real,it feels pretty unbelievable with the way this society is set up. Now i know that there is no such thing as a perfect man and that is not what anybody should be expecting but when I say Mr. Right, i mean a man who has more good qualities than bad ones.  These days you meet a guy , he appears to be the right one, then down the line you start to discover that he isn't the Mr.Right you thought he was. Now the reason for this is because some of these men have become soo good at seeing what we want in a man and pretending to be that man at the beginning just for us to fall in love with them for them to then turn around and reveal the real them but by then it's just too damn late. Ladies, To save ourselves from falling too deep before their revelations, we really have to stop ignoring the signs that we see at the beginning and start following our instincts. Trust me when I say your instincts never lie to you. If your gut is feeling that something is fishy, trust me, something is definitely fishy.

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