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Cheating Is Easy, Try Something Challenging Like Being Faithful

Well isn't this a fact.. Cheating has become soo easy these days and being faithful is actually the challenge. What a world we live in eh? Why is it easier to be unfaithful than it is to be faithful? I just can't understand it. If i was to guess the reason why, i'd say maybe because it's easier to lie than it is to tell the truth because the lie always sounds sweeter. To be honest ladies, this is where i think we are at fault. Men lie because of our reaction to the actual truth that they tell, even if the truth is small most of us are already mad or disappointed when they're honest which is probably why most men prefer to lie.  Now i'm not making excuses for men that lie, but sometimes we have to take responsibility especially where we may not be completely blameless.

Now the main question is, why is it soo hard to be faithful?  Apparently There are a vary of reasons as to why being faithful is "challenging". Now I can't say that I agree that there should be a reason at all but when researching the reasons, there are some I actually reason with. The reasons that I found reasoning with were unequal commitment,  harsh neglect and lack of intimacy. Now the reasons I found reason with these reasons was because it kind of makes sense for someone to want to step out if their partner doesn't love them the same, neglects them and shows a lack of intimacy.  But personally I am a strong believer in leaving a situation instead of being unfaithful. I don't understand why a person cannot just get up and leave if they are no longer feeling the relationship, isn't it easier to just do that? But then again some people do actually love their partners which is the reason they prefer to be unfaithful instead of letting go.

Honestly, If I was to get into the ins and outs of unfaithfulness, I would be here forever, so I would advise you to go and have a read of the ebook in order to find some of the answers that you're looking for.


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