Dear Players, Don't Let Karma Bite You Through Your Daughters !

Now this is just a hard hitting fact which most players fail to realize ! If a player isn't scared of hurting feelings, a player should most definitely be scared of what karma can do. Karma has no menu, you literally get served what you deserve.. Now i think some of these players forget that in the the future they may have daughters and it's only when they have them, they start to regret the pain that they cause when playing these games. I wonder how they feel when wiping the tears off their daughters face because of the same pain that they caused others, now imagine that. Karma is just that real ! Now players, maybe you should think before you start breaking hearts even if it's just so your future daughters don't have to bare the same pain that you caused. I'm sure thats not the kind of pain you wish for your daughters to bare. It's sad really that it's karma that makes a player regretful of the pain caused to others but i guess that's just the way it works these days.

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