Every Girl Wants To Change A Player But Truth Is Every Player Wants A Girl Worth The Change

Facts On Facts On Facts ! Now the bitter truth is that not every girl is actually capable of changing a player just due to the simple fact that they may not be worth the change for that particular person. Ladies, a player needs to want to change and this is not something that can be forced. If a player truly believes you are worth it, the player will change or at least attempt to change. Now when you're with a person who just continues to mistreat you regardless of the amount of times you have begged for change, it simply means you are not the person he wants to change for. This is why there are situations where you see a man mistreat a lady in one relationship but then when he leaves for another he is treating the other person with respect, it's because that person is the person he wants to be good for. Ladies we need to start living in reality and just be honest with ourselves,  if he's not changing for you, let him go, you are not for him and is is obviously not for you.

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