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I have Met Liars, Players, A Holes & Douchebags !

I just know a lot of females can relate to this one ! Soo unfortunate but soo real ! I doubt that any female can say that haven't met a liar, player, A Hole or Douchebag ! Honestly, sometimes it's soo exhausting just meeting all the Mr .Wrongs and it just makes you question if there is such a thing as a Mr Right. I know there are quite a few people that say that one day you will find Mr.Right but let's be real,it feels pretty unbelievable with the way this society is set up. Now i know that there is no such thing as a perfect man and that is not what anybody should be expecting but when I say Mr. Right, i mean a man who has more good qualities than bad ones.  These days you meet a guy , he appears to be the right one, then down the line you start to discover that he isn't the Mr.Right you thought he was. Now the reason for this is because some of these men have become soo good at seeing what we want in a man and pretending to be that man at the beginning just for us to fall in love with them for them to then turn around and reveal the real them but by then it's just too damn late. Ladies, To save ourselves from falling too deep before their revelations, we really have to stop ignoring the signs that we see at the beginning and start following our instincts. Trust me when I say your instincts never lie to you. If your gut is feeling that something is fishy, trust me, something is definitely fishy.

Now The Tricks Of A Player gives an insight into some of the reasons why mean lie and cheat and it also makes you aware of the signs you need to watch out for.

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Things Come Apart So Easily When They Have Been Held Together With Lies

No lies have been told here, this is a hundred percent factsss with a capita F  ! You cannot build a foundation with lies and you cannot use lies as glue ...  When they say honesty is the best policy, believe it, preach it and follow it for real because honesty is the key to everlasting peace.  It takes nothing to be honest, absolutely nothing but when you lie and are deceitful you have way more to lose. For example, imagine you have a relationship and you make a mistake, so instead of telling the truth about it, you lie in order to hide the mistake you made. In the beginning it's cool because you believe you you have gotten away with it and everything can go back to normal right? Wrong .... Instead you have to tell more lies to cover the initial small lie you told.  Eventually it all comes out and you end up losing the whole relationship, when you may have saved the relationship if you told the truth from the get go. Just remember that what you do in the dark will e

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Period ! You can do back flips on the D, cook his favorite food every single day and even finance his life and he still might leave ! You cannot keep a man that does not want to be kept, Point , blank , Period ! Ladies, we have to get rid of this belief that there are things that you can do that can keep a man because its just a straight up fantasy. A man could even leave you  for a girl that doesn't even do half of what you're doing, it happens.  Don't ever do wife duties at a girlfriends price. Take this in well, learn it and stick by it. We will discuss this in another blog but for now get acquainted with it.  Back to the topic at hand, if a man doesn't want to be kept not even a baby can keep the man and we need to understand this ladies. I'm not saying girls are out there trapping men with babies to make them stay but I am saying that once you see the sign that a man does not really want to stay with you , that's when you double up on the protec