I have Met Liars, Players, A Holes & Douchebags !

I just know a lot of females can relate to this one ! Soo unfortunate but soo real ! I doubt that any female can say that haven't met a liar, player, A Hole or Douchebag ! Honestly, sometimes it's soo exhausting just meeting all the Mr .Wrongs and it just makes you question if there is such a thing as a Mr Right. I know there are quite a few people that say that one day you will find Mr.Right but let's be real,it feels pretty unbelievable with the way this society is set up. Now i know that there is no such thing as a perfect man and that is not what anybody should be expecting but when I say Mr. Right, i mean a man who has more good qualities than bad ones.  These days you meet a guy , he appears to be the right one, then down the line you start to discover that he isn't the Mr.Right you thought he was. Now the reason for this is because some of these men have become soo good at seeing what we want in a man and pretending to be that man at the beginning just for us to fall in love with them for them to then turn around and reveal the real them but by then it's just too damn late. Ladies, To save ourselves from falling too deep before their revelations, we really have to stop ignoring the signs that we see at the beginning and start following our instincts. Trust me when I say your instincts never lie to you. If your gut is feeling that something is fishy, trust me, something is definitely fishy.

Now The Tricks Of A Player gives an insight into some of the reasons why mean lie and cheat and it also makes you aware of the signs you need to watch out for.


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