Play The Role OF The Fool To Fool The Fool Who Thinks They Are Fooling You !

Amen To This Quote ! This is definitely a major way to handle a man who thinks that he is a "player". Sometimes you have to pretend as though you are clueless in order to beat him at his own game. For example, if you happen to find out your man is playing you, stay silent about it until you build enough evidence to confront him with it so he is unable to lie to get out of the situation. Trust me ladies, we've got to be smarter and playing the role of the fool sometimes is the smartest way. Mind you, theres a major difference between playing the fool and actually being the fool, please don't allow yourself to actually be the fool. It's evident that these so called "players" are looking at the women they play as though they are fools because if that was not the case they would never play them like they're stupid, right? Riighhhhttt ..

So ladies be smart, take control, if you've got to play the fool, do it, because it will work out for you in the end. Thank Me Later.

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