You Love Me? Stop Lying

Now Ain't this just the painful truth. Its annoying to know that the actions of  a player can cause soo much pain but this still does not stop a player from playing. How do these players find it soo easy to play with peoples emotions and feelings knowing how much pain it could cause. This is what you call heartless for real. Now we have got to stop being victims to their games, we have to learn to be stronger ! No more crying and no more hurting, it's simply not worth it. If a person doesn't do their best to make sure their actions do not hurt you. they don't love you enough and that's just the painful reality. It is soo important to put yourself first, Protect your sanity and leave any sort of situation that prevents you from being happy. The truth of the matter is you've got to stop trying to make things work with people that are not willing to sacrifice their selfish behaviour to make things work with you. If they don't want to change their actions to prevent you from hurting, then you need to let them go because your happiness is most definitely not their priority.

It's Time TO Put Ourselves First And Let Go Of People Who Do Not Care For Our Happiness

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