Dear Women, Be Proud Of Your Heart

I am proud of all the strong women out there who have been played and broken but still has space in their heart to love. It takes a lot of strength and a lot of courage to bounce back from a heartbreak to which im sure most of you reading this have experienced. A heartbreak can break you down mentally and physically and make you question every aspect of yourself. I remember after my first heartbreak i always seemed to ask myself Why Me? or Was I Not Good Enough? .... But the reality is, it's not your fault and you are more than good enough !!  Ladies, Do not allow a heartbreak to destroy you or make you look at yourself as though you are less than what you really are .. You are amazing and You are more than good enough !! Unfortunately there are people you will invite into your life that will treat you less than you deserve but that does not mean you are the standards that they treat you at, no, it just means you have made a simple mistake in choosing someone who does not know your worth. Now the fact is, in order for someone to know your worth, its important that you know and believe that you are worthy. If you don't, they can see this and they will treat you based on how you treat yourself. Ladies, know your worth & stop settling for less than what you deserve. You & your heart deserves the best ! Please never forget to protect your heart at all costs, your heart is the most vital organ in your body and it must be protected at all times. Settling for a guy who does not know how to love you, is not protecting your heart ladies, it's breaking it !

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