Female Players Lose Sight Of The Game !

Ain't this is a straight up fact,which is most probably why there are more male players out there than female players. Now the reason this may be, is just due to the fact that some females get emotionally attached easily which enables them to lose sight of the game they started. There's a saying that if a woman steps out of the relationship, she no longer loves the man she stepped out on  but if a male does the same there is a possibility he still loves the woman and it's just the simple fact that he is greedy. Now lets be honest, alot of females wear their heart on their sleeves which enables them to become vulnerable and once they fall in love it's literally game over and this is the stage and the reason most players take advantage. When a male player sees that the female loves him too much, he plays games knowing that she will continue to forgive him time and time again.  Male players can easily play the game without losing sight because they know how to prevent themselves from being emotionally attached but I believe that female players are different. 
I believe that female players start playing the game strong but once their feelings get involved, they end up losing sight of the game just due to the simple fact us women fall too hard.

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