You Told Me You Loved Me But You Kissed Her Goodnight

This is soo deep but this is reality.. A person playing you will look you in your eye and tell you they love you but behind you they will be telling another woman the same thing. How can you tell someone you love them when you're doing something that will break their heart into pieces. How can you call that love? Now some do say that a man still loves you even though he cheats but this is very difficult for me to believe. How can someone claim to love you when they're sharing their love with somebody else. Is it possible to love two people at a time? I just don't know ! Now people do say that a man could have sex with someone other than his partner without catching any emotional feelings or attachment because they know how to switch off any emotional attachment. I kind of do believe that some men just see sex as sex and do not get attached emotionally which is why there are a number of one night stands etc whereas it may be different for a female because alot of us females do get emotionally attached. Why can't people just be content with having one lover in their life, why is it almost a must to have more than one lover. I swear everywhere i look these days, whether its social media or magazines, there is always a story about somebody being played, its a regular thing now. It's soo difficult these days to find someone who will be faithful, what kind of world do we live in? 

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