Why do we focus on the bad guys and ignore the good ones?

This is common problem alot of us females have. We ignore the good fish in the sea and we focus on the bad fish. We focus on the guy who has no idea how to treat us right and has no plans on settling down. Why do we do this ladies? Why do we ignore the guys that are good for us and go for the ones that are not.  I know of a few females who are only actually attracted to guys with the "bad boy" kind of look, in fact i was one of those females when i was a little younger. I only ever looked at the guys who looked like they were destined to be on road for the rest of their lives. There was just something about that those bad boys that had my temperature so high and my heart beating at a pace i couldn't control.. But boy have i learnt my lesson, Ive learnt to stay far fat away from those kinda of boys. But let's be honest, not every guy that comes off as a good guy is actually a good guy, there are alot of pretenders out there for real, so you just got to be a little careful. Let's learn to leave the emotionally distant salmon fish and go for the the fish that is good for us, trust me when i say it will work out for us in the long run ...

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