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Be Or Be Played

Unfortunately this is just how the cookie crumbles these days, you either play or be the one who is played. It's like playing somebody is just the norm now and it's soo difficult to believe that there are people out there who are not players.  Now if you know how the game is played, you have so much more control over your heart because you have a bigger chance to prevent it from being broken and that's just a fact.  Now I am not saying to go into a relationship with the mindset of being a player, i'm saying learn the rules of the game and watch out for the signs in your partner to determine whether you're putting your heart at risk of being played. If you can sense your heart is at risk, you better do a 360 turn and walk straight out that door. However if you insist on staying, you better keep up with the game before you tear your heart into pieces. Now The Tricks Of A Player Ebook teaches you all you need to know about the Tricks Of A Player and I advise tha

If you hesitate between me & another person, do not choose me

Facts On Facts On Facts ! This is the mentality we need to have this year 2019. New year, better mentality.  If the person you're with hesitates between you and somebody else, you need to allow them to choose the other person because if they are hesitating then they are not a hundred percent sure about you. Hesitation is vital in knowing whether someone really loves you and trust me when i say if they have to hesitate then they do not love you the way you think they do.  I myself have been in a situation where the person i was with hesitated between choosing me and another person and at that point i really should have realised that person was not for me but i didn't and i was excited that i was chosen in the end but the situation did not even last because in the end i saw that they did not value me like they should have done.  Once you allow the person to hesitate, you lose value of yourself and self worth. You cannot say you value yourself if you settle for a perso