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Love Grows Where Trust Is Laid

There is no love without trust and that is a fact ! If you think that you can experience amazing love without trusting your partner, you are fooling yourself big time ! So let's go into depth about trust. If we are stating facts here, the fact is that trust is the spine and backbone for every single relationship, without it love cannot be built. The hard truth is that once you begin to trust, you are left vulnerable because you are letting that person in and you are giving them your heart and your entire soul. Now imagine giving all of that and still being played, it's painful af. This why we live in world where most people find it hard to trust. Most people find it hard to give their everything just to receive deceit  in return.  Trust me when I say it is very unhealthy to be in a relationship where you doubt your other half. Once you start to doubt your partner, the doubt will overshadow the love and this is just normal.  I know it's very hard to trust when your