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What Is True Love? Does It Exist At All?

This is a serious question that really needs to be answered because boy i've been searching to no avail. I honestly do not believe that True love can be defined.. I know that many have tried to define it through their own experiences but other than that there is no standard defintion. I really want to say that I experienced True love a few years ago but now that i'm looking back, I don't believe that was what True Love was.  If it was really true love, would it have ended the way it did ? I pretty much doubt it. Ive heard a saying that True love is actually not a feeling but a decision that we make. Hmmmmmmmmmmmm .. I guess I can understand this a little because we make the decision to allow ourselves to fall in love i guess but on the other hand how can we say that True love isn't a feeling ... Isn't how we feel the main factor that determines if we are really and truly in love? I know that True Love must exist and the truth of the matter is that i&#

Things Come Apart So Easily When They Have Been Held Together With Lies

No lies have been told here, this is a hundred percent factsss with a capita F  ! You cannot build a foundation with lies and you cannot use lies as glue ...  When they say honesty is the best policy, believe it, preach it and follow it for real because honesty is the key to everlasting peace.  It takes nothing to be honest, absolutely nothing but when you lie and are deceitful you have way more to lose. For example, imagine you have a relationship and you make a mistake, so instead of telling the truth about it, you lie in order to hide the mistake you made. In the beginning it's cool because you believe you you have gotten away with it and everything can go back to normal right? Wrong .... Instead you have to tell more lies to cover the initial small lie you told.  Eventually it all comes out and you end up losing the whole relationship, when you may have saved the relationship if you told the truth from the get go. Just remember that what you do in the dark will e

Always Trust Your Instincts

If you want to put your trust into something.. Put trust in our instincts.. Your instincts do not lie, i'm telling you !  Ever got that gut feeling telling you that something weird is going on but you try to ignore it just to realise down the line that your gut feeling was accurate? I know al lot of us are sitting at this table to be honest.. Your instincts will never mislead you but you've got to make sure you're paying attention to it instead of ignoring it. Honestly guys, this is key to avoiding situations you do not need to be in. I actually wish i listened to my gut and trusted my instincts because if i did I may have never gone through the ish that I have been through but ah well, we live and we learn eh? So, listen to your gut and trust your instincts guys ! Tricks Of A Player Ebook Available In Lulu Store: Tricks

Time Heals Almost Everything

Time heals every damn thing, trust me on this one ... I can definitely testify to this for real. Time is definitely the prescription for healing wounds. No matter what you go through, if you give it time, the pain from that problem will decrease until the pain is no longer there. I never really ever believed that time could heal pain but it most definitely healed mine.  After the pain i recieved from my first relationship, I can honestly say that I do not feel any pain from that situation at this moment in time. I swear it is just a distant memory and that is exactly what time does, it turns your pain into a distant memory. Now let me tell you how time heals pain, take this in because it will help.  Firstly time allows you take time and reflect on what happened and allow you to process the pain. Time also allows you to seperate yourself away from the situation to cool down and begin healing. Lastly, Time also allows you to focus , grow and find new positives in your life .

Real Men Can't Be Stolen

This is a fact !! Real Men can never be stolen because a real man knows how to stay loyal, A Real man knows how to stay committed, A Real man doesn't need to be taught basic principles And of course a real man has common sense..... Ladies, When searching for a man, make sure you look for a real man because that's the only way you will find everlasting peace. The mistake that us ladies make is that we keep on settling with boys and not men, trust me, i can testify to this ... A real man would know how to treat you and care for you because they were brought up the right way and they were taught the right way. To be honest, i think this all stems from how young boys are raised. Raise your boys to be gentlemen, raise them to be real men so that when they find the one they treat her how she deserves to be treated. Click the links below if you wish to gain more knowledge about the Tricks Of A Player : Tricks Of A Player Ebook Available In Lulu Store:  http://

You Shattered The Remainder Of My Heart

I'm sure that a lot of people can relate to this ?! Somebody somewhere has most definitely had their experience of their heart being shattered into pieces !  I remember my first every heartbreak, mehnn it was most definitely one of the things that hurt me most within the 25 years that I have lived. Imagine being soo in love and then imagine being heartbroken, that ish really goes from 0 to 100 real quick. But honestly speaking, my first heartbreak made me the woman that I am today for sure and I am actually glad that I went through the experience because of what it taught me. On my life, i really learnt to love myself and I know that the person I let into my life is going to love me the right way.  Having your heart shatter is most defintely something you cannot avoid in your life time, you must experience it by force by fire. When you are going through it, you will go through all sorts of emotions but just remember that you will make it and it will only make you str

Cheating And Lying Aren't Struggles

Let us loud this for the people in the back !! Cheating and Lying are not struggles, they are choices ! When you decide to lie and cheat, it's a choice that you are deciding to make. People are not born liars and cheaters, it is something that they learn to do. I hate when people behave like cheating and lying is a struggle, like they cannot help but cheat and lie?! I mean who raised you ? Do not get me wrong, many of us lie but cheating then lying to hide your cheating is a whole different thing. When you cheat and lie to hide your cheating, you are deceitful and you are breaking somebody elses heart on purpose .. That my friend, makes you a bad person, point, blank, period! If you want to cheat and lie, that's on you but don't blame it on a struggle, blame it on yourself, that is the person you decided to be ! Ebook available in Nigeria: Ebook available in UK: