What Is True Love? Does It Exist At All?

This is a serious question that really needs to be answered because boy i've been searching to no avail. I honestly do not believe that True love can be defined.. I know that many have tried to define it through their own experiences but other than that there is no standard defintion.

I really want to say that I experienced True love a few years ago but now that i'm looking back, I don't believe that was what True Love was.  If it was really true love, would it have ended the way it did ? I pretty much doubt it.

Ive heard a saying that True love is actually not a feeling but a decision that we make. Hmmmmmmmmmmmm .. I guess I can understand this a little because we make the decision to allow ourselves to fall in love i guess but on the other hand how can we say that True love isn't a feeling ... Isn't how we feel the main factor that determines if we are really and truly in love?

I know that True Love must exist and the truth of the matter is that i've just not found it yet which is probably why  i battle to fully believe in its existence.  Because how can it be true love if your partner cheats on you or your partner continuously brings you pain ? That cannot be true love or can it? 

Maybe True Love is when you love each other indefinitely through the ups and downs .. hmmmmm .. it is debatable ! 

I don't know what True Love is but I know when I am ready I will experience it and hopefully I can come back and tell you guys what it is and how it feels.. Until then, I am just going to have to question whether it exists or not ..

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