Time Heals Almost Everything

Time heals every damn thing, trust me on this one ... I can definitely testify to this for real. Time is definitely the prescription for healing wounds. No matter what you go through, if you give it time, the pain from that problem will decrease until the pain is no longer there.

I never really ever believed that time could heal pain but it most definitely healed mine.  After the pain i recieved from my first relationship, I can honestly say that I do not feel any pain from that situation at this moment in time. I swear it is just a distant memory and that is exactly what time does, it turns your pain into a distant memory.

Now let me tell you how time heals pain, take this in because it will help.  Firstly time allows you take time and reflect on what happened and allow you to process the pain. Time also allows you to seperate yourself away from the situation to cool down and begin healing. Lastly, Time also allows you to focus , grow and find new positives in your life .

But in order for time to heal your pain, you need to leave the situation that keeps bringing you pain. It is once you leave that situation without looking back that time begins to heal all your pain. Honestly, Trust me on this one.

So no matter what you are going through, leave the situation and then give it time to heal.

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