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A Break Up Is Like A Broken Mirror

This is very acurate ! A break up is definitely like a broken mirror and we all know that when you start to pick up the shattered glass to fix the mirror, you get cut !  Now doesn't this sound familiar ? Doesn't this sound exactly like a broken relationship ? hmmmmmmm  For real, when a relationship is broken and is way beyond the stage of fixing, you need to let it go otherwise you're going to get hurt trying to fix it. Is the pain worth it? When you can be living your best life pain free? Deep it, you make the decision whether to be living in pain or to be living pain free ?! Trust me when I say i know how it feels to consistently attempt to fix a broken relationship and all that resulted in was in me hurting myself over and over again. But let me tell you this, when i finally gave up attempting to fix the broken relationship, i stopped hurting myself and i stopped feeling that pain that I used to feel. Infact i became the happiest that i've ever been an