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The best relationships usually begins unexpectedly

This is a straight up fact !! The best relationships usually begin unexpectedly and when it isn't a relationship that we choose for ourselves.  There is no better feeling than when love comes looking for you without you almost killing yourself looking for love. Usually we try to rush the process and get into a relationship because everybody else is doing it or be cause we are feeling lonely, but trust me when i say when this is the case it usually does not last. Remember that God's timing is the best timing and if you wait on Gods timing you will enjoy it for a longer time. Have you ever seen situations where people have been friends for years and never ever saw each other together in a relationship but suddenly something clicks and they end up falling in love and its the most beautiful thing that you've ever seen, yup thats Gods plan and timing. Take your time, keep yourself busy and just wait for your time. Tricks Of A Player Ebook Available In Lulu Store:  http