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It takes a real man to realize one woman is enough

Scream it louder for the people in the back ! It's important to know and understand what a real man is. It seems like within our society a man cheating is the norm and it's almost impossible to find a man that does not cheat. I'm here to tell you that a real man understands that one woman is enough for him. Ladies, understand this, men who run after different girls are not REAL men ! A real man is grown and understands relationships requires work and effort. A REAL man is content and would rather work on fixing his relationship that looking for an easy way out.  Men that cheat usually cheat because they are  not content and they would rather have their cake and eat it too. It's not that they do not love the woman that they are with, it's just that they would also love to taste what they haven't had and that's just the sad truth.  Now I personally have never heard of man who doesn't cheat and honestly I don't know if  I believe that there

A good man will be honest no matter how painful the truth is

Hear this and learn this ! A good man will be honest no matter how painful the truth is ! Don't ever think that a man loves you too much because he's lying to "protect you". A man who really loves you will sit you down, look you in the eyes and tell you truth because he loves you and respects you enough to be the one to tell you the facts before you hear it from somebody else.  Let's be real a lot of these men only end up telling you the truth after you find out about it and then they claim that they kept it from you to "protect" you. Uh huh, protect me my ass ! What kind of protection is it if i've already been embarrassed? How about you protect me by not doing it in the first place? Ladies, settle for a man who is going to be honest with you or even better, settle for a man who is not going to do anything that is going to bring you pain ! Tricks Of A Player Ebook Available In Lulu Store:

Make her feel like the competition, not the one competing

Yessiiiirrrrrrrrrrr ! Men, it's time to take notes ! If that's your woman, make her feel like she's the damn competition, not the one competing. You've got to make your girl feel like she's your Beyonce and she's the only one that rocks your world. Don't ever compare her with other females or make her feel insecure, that's a weak move.  Ladies, never ever settle for a man who does not make you feel like you're the best thing that's ever happened to him. Settling for a man who makes you feel like that is a major L, for real. If he's entertaining other females and always paying special attention to other females then he is most definitely not the one. No man who treats his woman like a Queen would ever make other females feel like they are on her level ever. Settle for the man who makes you feel like the Queen of his castle... Settle for the man who puts you above everybody else... Settle for the man who knows your worth ! Tricks

I want to be your favourite hello and your hardest goodbye

Ladies, If you're not his favourite hello and his hardest goodbye just forget that situation altogether ! He needs to be excited to see you and sad to watch you leave, that's what you should be settling for, nothing less ! To be honest it should work both ways, because you definitely can't be feeling a guy that much if you're not that excited to see him and you're not that sad when he leaves you.  You know that feeling when you're soo excited to see a good morning text from a certain somebody, that's how you know for sure that you're into that person.  Now if you're not receiving these good morning texts, that's a little bit of a red flag. The only way you  could possibly know if another person is thinking about you when they wake up is if they take a second out of their time and message you a good morning text.  I know that some may claim that they're too "busy" or that they've lost track of time but if a person is t

Don't be somebodys down - time, spare - time, part - time or sometime

Honestly if you're not someones 9 to 5 and weekend then you're just wasting your time. Do not and I mean do not settle to just be someones weekend , you are worth way more than that ! Ladies, if a man is only making effort to see you past midnight and never in the day, that's a big no no .. It literally means you're the side piece, side wing and nandos side salad and I could bet anything that he's investing the time he's not investing in you in someone else. Know your worth and add tax to that ish ... If the person you're feeling is not ready to invest most of his time on you, then it's time for you to move on and find somebody that will. Once you allow a person to invest a small percentage of time on you they will just become comfortable in doing so and they won't change no matter how many times you complain. You've got to make sure you're their priority and nothing less hunny ! Tricks Of A Player Ebook Available In Lulu Store:  h

Never allow your emotions to decide your judgement

Facts on facts on facts on facts ! Never, I mean never allow your emotions to decide your judgement because you will probably regret it. When you are emotional, you're not really thinking correctly because of the emotions clouding your judgements, so it is vital that you make sure you do not make any decisions when you are emotional.  There's been soo many times i've made the wrong decision because i made the decision whilst i was angry and trust me when i say i have always regretted it. For example, your partner could have done something to really make you angry and you decide to end the relationship on the spot because you're thinking with emotions when in fact the issue wasn't that big of a deal and if you would have taken some time out to deep it you may not have ended the relationship because of it. In order to avoid making stupid decisions, make sure you acknowledge your emotions. Make sure you're paying attention to your feelings and recog