Don't be somebodys down - time, spare - time, part - time or sometime

Honestly if you're not someones 9 to 5 and weekend then you're just wasting your time. Do not and I mean do not settle to just be someones weekend , you are worth way more than that ! Ladies, if a man is only making effort to see you past midnight and never in the day, that's a big no no .. It literally means you're the side piece, side wing and nandos side salad and I could bet anything that he's investing the time he's not investing in you in someone else. Know your worth and add tax to that ish ... If the person you're feeling is not ready to invest most of his time on you, then it's time for you to move on and find somebody that will. Once you allow a person to invest a small percentage of time on you they will just become comfortable in doing so and they won't change no matter how many times you complain. You've got to make sure you're their priority and nothing less hunny !

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