It takes a real man to realize one woman is enough

Scream it louder for the people in the back ! It's important to know and understand what a real man is. It seems like within our society a man cheating is the norm and it's almost impossible to find a man that does not cheat. I'm here to tell you that a real man understands that one woman is enough for him.

Ladies, understand this, men who run after different girls are not REAL men ! A real man is grown and understands relationships requires work and effort. A REAL man is content and would rather work on fixing his relationship that looking for an easy way out. 

Men that cheat usually cheat because they are  not content and they would rather have their cake and eat it too. It's not that they do not love the woman that they are with, it's just that they would also love to taste what they haven't had and that's just the sad truth. 

Now I personally have never heard of man who doesn't cheat and honestly I don't know if  I believe that there is such a man but I do believe that time will tell and if i ever meet a man that doesn't cheat, you guys will be the first to know !

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