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Behind Every Untrusting Girl Is A Guy Who Made Her That Way !

Facts on Facts On Facts ! You don't even need a therapist to tell you this, it's common sense ! There are many girls out there who cannot trust anybody because they once trusted a man with their heart and he played it like a piano. I Don't mean to sound corny but it is what it is !  I can put my hand up and say that I am definitely the untrusting girl because a guy made me that way. There was once a time I trusted with all my heart and boy oh boy my heart was shattered into pieces. I can say all of this now because I  am learning to trust again and the only way for me to be able to do so is to be able to deal with what broke my trust in the first place.  Ladies, my best advise is if you do have trust issues because you had your trust broken, take some time out and learn to trust yourself before you put your trust in somebody else. Instagram : Tricks Of A Player Ebook Available In Lulu Store:  http://www.l

It is a hundred percent better to have nobody than to have somebody who doesn't want to be there

No word of a lie has been told here ! Loud it for the people in the back please ! I know that there are a lot of people out here settling with people who do not actually want to be in the relationship. The signs are there, their other half is showing that they would rather be somewhere else but they keep on forcing the situation because they just cannot let go.  I'm here to tell you to LET GO ! If you can see that your partner is not really putting in the work to be in the relationship, Let them go !  It is not by force, Do not force it !  There are soo many signs and we need to stop ignoring them. If your other half is not putting in the effort to see you or at last talk to you, then they do not want to be there ! If your other half is spending more time with other people than with you, they do not want to be there ! If you are  questioning whether they want to be there, they do not want to be there !  If you are a side chick and your other half doesn't want to le

Don't Ever Underestimate A Mans Ability To Make You Feel Guilty For His Mistakes

Ladies, take note ! Don't ever, I mean ever underestimate a mans ability to make you feel guilty for his mistakes ! I swear I have seen situations where a man has been caught cheating and the first thing they did was blame their woman. lol. It's comical but its real !  I can't even lie, i have definitely been in that situation and I was dumb enough to believe that it actually was my fault. So I started to look for faults in myself to actually make myself believe that the reason he was cheating was because of me. I know i am not the only female who has been in this situation, in fact i know plenty of females who have been here.  Now I am not saying that all females are completely blameless, what I am saying is that if a man cheats on you after you've given him your all, that's on HIM and not you ! It seems like some guys have this kind of power to make a girl feel like she is the reason for all the wrongs he is doing. I'm telling you now, it's

The hottest love has the coldest end

This is so sad but so true ! This basically means that the most passionate and most heated relationships usually end in the worst ways. It's like going from 100 all the way down to 0. It's soo strange how couples who loved each other soo much end up hating each others existence.  But I get it, because i understand that once you're deeply in love it hurts more when your partner betrays you and it brews up way more anger than when somebody you hardly care about does it. I can honestly say that my first relationship definitely started as a hot love. You know when you're soo in love that you can't see yourself with anybody else but that person, yup that was me. Me and the person I was with at the time was always together and if we weren't together we were always communicating. Even though the love at the time was soo hot, the ending was truly a cold one to a point where I would have almost caught a case if I didn't have common sense. I know of soo many r