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Don't Trip When an ex moves on !

Loud it for the people in the Back ! In fact let me say it again DON'T TRIP WHEN A EX MOVES ON ! ALWAYS REMEMBER THAT OUR PARENTS TAUGHT US TO GIVE OUR USED TOYS TO THE LESS FORTUNATE! I hope you guys have got the message now.  When a ex moves on, just be greatful to the Lord that somebody else has taken away your misery and its now on them to deal with ! If they want to have your used toys, then  let them have it ! Don't be mad, don't be sad, just be happy it's no longer your pain to bear.  Nobody, I mean nobody should be mad over an ex moving on. They are your ex for a reason and once they are out of your life they should not have any type of effect on your life at all even when they decide to move on.  In this current state i'm in, i swear i'll only budge if i hear my ex was dating some major celebrity and that's just a fact... Nothing my ex does at this moment in time can ever effect me because I'm over him and that is the way it needs

Dilemma Thursdays

Question "He follows and likes random chicks pics on social media. It makes me feel insecure" Answer: Girl you need to drop his ass, period ! If he's making you feel insecure then he isn't for you. Another thing I will say is you need to work on yourself and level up on you confidence. Take some time out and focus on fully loving yourself to a point where nobody can make you feel insecure. Sometimes looking in a mirror every morning and saying pointing out all the things you love about yourself to your reflection really helps.  Question: "If my lady don't do whatever I say in the bed room i get turnt off... Suck mydickputthetittiesontheshyt" Answer: I can kind of understand this because everybody wants their partner to be able to please them the way they want to be pleased. All it takes is you talking to your partner and telling her where she needs to improve without being disrespectful. Make sure you take her feelings into consid

A Real Man Will Remove Any Female That Threatens His Relationship !

No word of a lie has been told here ! A Real man will remove any female that threatens his relationship with the woman he loves whilst a boy will continuously make excuses. Know the difference between a Man and a Boy. Ladies we have to stop dating these boys and start dating these men if we want to be in a relationship where we are respected. A boy will continuously disrespect you in a relationship whereas a man will treat you with the utmost respect and that's just facts ! Let's just be completely honest here, a real man would not even allow a female to threaten your relationship in the first damn place ! Deep that and let it sink in ! We have to stop with the mentality that all men cheat so if a man cheats we have to get over it and forgive him because it happens everywhere ! We have to start believing that there are real men out there who aren't here disrespecting their ladies and are not out here allowing another female to disrespect their lady ! Instagram : 

Dilemma Thursday

Dilemma: " I have been going out with a guy (we've known each other for almost 3 years but we are on and off. 2 weeks he's so into me and out of the blue he's distant and it's not even the first time he does that " Answer: The fact that you guys are on and off for almost 3 years is a sign that this relationship isn't healthy ! It's looking like a bad habit if i'm honest with you. I will advise that you let him go because it does not seem that he is treating you the way that you deserve. You definitely deserve more than this, you deserve someone who gives you stability and somebody who doesn't just have an on and off switch with your heart. If he loves you, trust me when I say he wouldn't treat you like this. Just find a way to let go and next time make sure you do not settle for less !  Dilemma: "Soo me and my girlfriend have been going threw rough 2 - 3 weeks cause we've been cheating" Answer: If i

Don't expect her to play her part, when you have other females auditioning for her role

Say it louder for those in the back that don't seem to hear this ! It's just damn right disrespectful to ever expect a female to play the part you want her to play when you have other females auditioning for that exact role ! If you want a female to play a part in your life, you've got to cancel all other casting, this isn't a movie ! The worst thing to this is that some of you guys don't even let the girl know that other females are auditioning, us females have to find out the hard way. It's either we find out by some random ass female entering our dms or by being attacked by some female we have no idea even exists! It's got to stop guys, you've got to put more respect on our names ! It's about time that some guys stop having their cake and eating it too. Some guys need to learn the art of contentment. Find that one girl that can play all the roles you need and leave it like that. If she can't play all the parts, then teach her, don't

Dilemma Thursday

Dilemma: "He cheated and he wants me back" Answer: Hmmm this is the tricky one... One part of me wants to tell you to bounce all the way out of that situation but one part of me wants to say maybe you can forgive him if he is worth it. I think it totally depends on how he cheated ! If he cheated once for the first time and he's apologetic and promises that it wont happen again, then maybe you forgive him if you really love him. But if he is a repeat offender, forget it! You cannot go back because he is just going to continue cheating and thats just the hard truth. Now if you decide to forgive him, don't forgive him straight away, make him suffer a little and then accept him back so he actually learns.... From my own experience, i believe once a cheater always a cheater and i am still yet to find or hear about a guy that does not cheat! But that's another story for another day Dilemma: "She broke up with me out of nowhere telling me I contacted a

I'm no longer hurt that you lied to me ...

Scream it louder for the people in the back ! I'm sure that this is usually the case in most situations. Okay i'm not saying that people are not hurt from being lied to but I am saying that after they are over the hurt of being lied to they then feel hurt from the fact that they can never trust again !  Let's talk about this ! Not all lies are heart breaking but there are some lies that can really make people have trust issues. Some people just do not understand that the lies they tell can have a major effect on a persons trust.  It took me years to actually get over my trust issues and trust me when I say it was one of my biggest challenges yet ! Imagine putting all your trust into one person then finding out they've been lying to you throughout the whole relationship ! It hurts for real but what was even more painful was that I lost all the trust that I had in me... I know the truth hurts but trust me when I say that lies hurt even more. People need to

Dilemma Thursdays !

Dilemma: "What do you do if a guy cheated on you with your friend and left you whiles pregnant and was telling you" Answer: Some men are absolutely trash, I'm sorry to say.... The only solution for this is for you to leave him... He is the definition of pure trash sis, throw him out ! You do not need a man like this, trust me, he isn't worth ish.. Leave him to go do what he wants, karma will catch his ass real soon. I know it hurts because you loved him and you're pregnant right now, but trust me when I say, it will all be okay.. You will come out of this dark place! Just keep yourself distracted, do things that make you happy and stay focused on being in a good place for your child. Now with regards to your "friend" please just throw her in the trash too, that's where she belongs.. Cut off all ties and burn that bridge, you do not need a person like this in your life, believe that ! Stay Strong, sis.    Dilemma : "My ex and I sti

Dear Ex

Now I personally wouldn't write a letter to any of my exes but if I was to write one a few years back, it would be this!  Let's be real honest here, a lot people want their exes to feel this way, they want their exes to literally recognize what they had, regret what they've lost and realize they aint ever getting them back.  This is why a glow up is vital ! Once you're out of that relationship, take a second, work on yourself and glow the fck up so that the next time your ex sees you, all they feel is regret ! There's actually nothing wrong with wanting your ex to regret losing you, trust me. The best kind of revenge on an ex that mistreated you or took you for granted is glowing up, trust me on this one. Glow up, let that ex see that you are way better without them, because that ish is painful AF! Instagram : Tricks Of A Player Ebook Available In Lulu Store: