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Dilemma Thursday

Dilemma: "He cheated and he wants me back"

Answer: Hmmm this is the tricky one... One part of me wants to tell you to bounce all the way out of that situation but one part of me wants to say maybe you can forgive him if he is worth it. I think it totally depends on how he cheated ! If he cheated once for the first time and he's apologetic and promises that it wont happen again, then maybe you forgive him if you really love him. But if he is a repeat offender, forget it! You cannot go back because he is just going to continue cheating and thats just the hard truth. Now if you decide to forgive him, don't forgive him straight away, make him suffer a little and then accept him back so he actually learns.... From my own experience, i believe once a cheater always a cheater and i am still yet to find or hear about a guy that does not cheat! But that's another story for another day

Dilemma: "She broke up with me out of nowhere telling me I contacted a female in reality on everything. I never did i never talked to another female at all then the next day I told her that's false info and she said that's fine we're done so in my head i'm like wtf and ever since then she blocked me on everything I kept messaging her telling her like we need to talk face to face about this but she denies me then i told her what i felt for her and all that but keep on blocking me and I been depressed sad etc.. because I was with her for 3 years and this happened now i'm like we need to talk face to face and solve all this because this is false information"

Answer: To be honest for her to react like this she must have some kind of evidence of you contacting a female. The only way you can calm her down is to find a way to prove to her that this is not the case. Stop apologising and just send her proof and then give her time to calm down and then approach her again. She needs space to just calm down and then she will most definitly come back to hear your side. If it is true love you guys will bounce back, i can assure you of that. Now if you did talk to another female and you're denying it to protect her feelings, you need to admit the truth as that is the only way you can resolve this fully. You have to be honest with her and she will respect it more, trust me on that. I hope it all works out for you.

Dilemma: "Seeking her mother's approval for everything"
Answer: This one is a tricky one to be honest ! I understand where she is coming from because i seek my mothers approval for everything too.. it's not a bad thing at all some people just love their mothers advise and it is what it is. It shouldn't have too much of an impact on your relationship unless you are doing something bad to be honest. Mothers protect their children and that's just that.  I just think you have to learn to come to terms with it to be honest especially if you are really into the girl.

Dilemma: "Don't drink or smoke or do any drugs in church reguarly and I just cant find my equal (my queen)"

Answer : Well done to you but what are you looking for when you say your equal. Are you looking for somebody who doesn't drink or smoke too because to be honest i don't think that is too hard to come by, you just have to be patient. If you're not have any luck you may just have to compromise one of the factors you want. For example you may find someone who drinks but does not smoke and attends church reguarly or it could be the other way  round. So maybe you find out which ones are the most important to you and compromise just one of those factors. If you do not want to compromise, just pray on it and wait for the God to send you the right person 

Dilemma: "How can I make my girl love me more"
Answer: If you need to make somebody love you more, that person does not deserve you at all and it's just that simple ! If the person you're feeling does not love you for who you are and does not appreciate you for the little you already do for them then you need to bounce. To the left, to the left ! There too many females out here who will love you for you, trust me ! Just step back, focus on loving yourself and putting yourself first then the right person will come for you, trust me!

Dilemma: "Is it's a bad thing to want to always have sex with your partner then try not be satisfied"
Answer: I don't think it is a bad thing to always want to have sex as long as your partner is comfortable with it and as long as it is not the only thing you want from your partner. If you are sexually attracted to your partner this will always be the case. But if your partner is not too comfortable with having sex too much then maybe you substitute sex for something else sometimes like going on a date or something.


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