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Dilemma Thursdays !

Dilemma: "What do you do if a guy cheated on you with your friend and left you whiles pregnant and was telling you"
Answer: Some men are absolutely trash, I'm sorry to say.... The only solution for this is for you to leave him... He is the definition of pure trash sis, throw him out ! You do not need a man like this, trust me, he isn't worth ish.. Leave him to go do what he wants, karma will catch his ass real soon. I know it hurts because you loved him and you're pregnant right now, but trust me when I say, it will all be okay.. You will come out of this dark place! Just keep yourself distracted, do things that make you happy and stay focused on being in a good place for your child. Now with regards to your "friend" please just throw her in the trash too, that's where she belongs.. Cut off all ties and burn that bridge, you do not need a person like this in your life, believe that ! Stay Strong, sis.   

Dilemma : "My ex and I still love each other but he always hurts me in everything, I'm confuse"
Answer: The answer to your dilemma is in the question you asked. If he keeps on hurting you there's no need for you to be there. Love is not pain ! A person who loves you will not hurt you intentionally and that's just a fact... You need to move on from your ex, work on loving yourself and wait for the right person to find you. 

Dilemma: "My ex and I broke up and he started dating someone else now we live together"
Answer: I have never been soo confused in my life .... Hold my wig guys ! From reading this, i'm hoping that he started living with you after he left the girl that he was dating.If this is the case, it's quite simple, make it work if you guys really love each other. But sis, if he is living with you and still dating the girl, you've got to bounce the hell out of there because this is a situation-ship not a relationship. He either chooses you or chooses the other girl, you're not a second option or a side chick and make sure you don'e settle for either ! 

Dilemma: "How to trust my partner, I have trust issues"
Answer: Let me just say this, alot of us have this issue. If your partner is the cause of your trust issues, you either learn to trust him or you bounce. If your partner is not the cause of your trust issues, then you just have to take some time out and learn to trust again because if you stay in this relationship with these trust issues, you will lose this relationship for sure. Sometimes you just have to have faith that what you went through won't repeat itself and if it does you keep it moving.. You can never know for sure that your trust will not be broken again but do not allow it to stop you from falling in love.

Dilemma: "Found out i have a baby on the way few weeks ago, she's 14 weeks, but before she was pregnant she was saying she don't want a relationship.. & now that she is pregnant she's still saying the same thing " she don't wanna force a relationship cause the baby" witch is fine... but i'm trying hard yo like i want too be wit her.... should i just fall back? harder i try.. more she push me away" its like she hates me rn lol "sometimes i think it's hormones but i'm not sure"
Answer: All i can say with this is do not force it, if she doesn't want a relationship then you just have to let her be and when the child comes, be a father to the child and learn to co parent. Do not allow her to play games with your head, if she doesn't want a relationship she has to stick with that.. I can see that you're trying your best but sometimes you have to know when enough is enough. To be honest it could be hormones but boy oh boy if she was adamant before she was pregnant and is still adamant when she is pregnant, the hard truth may be; that she just doesn't want to be with you... But that's okay, just let her be, check in with her and help her with her pregnancy and take care of your child once your child is here. Fall back but do not fall back from your childs life. 

Dilemma: "I'm in a relationship with a celeb and I found out he just started dating another girl in another court"
Answer: The first thing i will say is, don't allow yourself to be treated badly all because he is a celebrity. Cheating is cheating whether it is by a broke boy or a rich boy ! If he is cheating on you, he doesn't respect you and that's just a fact ... He cannot get away with it soo easily because he is a celebrity.. If you really like the guy, give him an ultimatum, it's either you or the other girl.. If he chooses  you then he needs to show you that you can trust him again, let him work hard for that trust ! If he chooses  her then girl you know what you've got to do... skrrr skrr ..

Dilemma: "My girl and I have been through a lot and i'm in love with her. But she don't know if she wants me" 
Answer: If  she doesn't know if she wants you that's a red flag hunny. But don't cry and don't beg, give her time to take time out and figure out if it is you she wants to be with. You need to give her space and let her think about what is best for her. Whilst she is doing this, distract yourself, focus on you, do the things that make you happy.. If she chooses you then that's great, if she doesn't that's great too, don't allow it to have a massive impact on your growth and happiness...

Dilemma: "How do you handle it when your girlfriend thinks all you want from her is sex"
Answer: You've got to prove to her that this is not the case. Maybe have a week where you just show her she's special without having any sex.. This should definitely show her that you don't just want sex from her...

Dilemma: "Am inluv with someone bt when I talk about it he cover it up with other topic what should I do????"
Answer: He is obviously deflecting and avoiding this topic which could mean two things, he either doesn't love you back or he is shy.... I think you should meet him face to face and just say it to him straight and see how he responds. If he says he's in love with you too then that's perfect you can see where it goes but if he deflects and doesn't say he is in love with you then girl you have to let him go because the truth is he isn't quite feeling it. Study his actions and be honest with yourself.

Dilemma: "Posting pics together on social media vs not posting pics together on social media"
Answer: Posting pictures on social media used to be such a big deal, now it seems like it doesnt make much of a difference. You can post all the pictures you want on social media and there will still be problems within your relationship and that's the cold truth. Alot of people have even preferred to not show off their relationship in order to keep their relationship safe from evil eye. It just seems as though all the relationships on social media are breaking down these days. Maybe the saying a private life is a happy life is actually true when it comes to social media.

Dilemma: "My bf claim sexaddiction after i caught him sexting more than once. He on vacay rn &got tindr"
Answer: Listen girl this is a red flag. He won't stop doing it, in fact it will become worse because he will literally be out there feeding his addiction by sleeping with everybody. You really need to let go, I know it's easier said than done but honestly if you don't you will continue to live in misery. If he cannot fix his addiction bu maybe seeking therapy then you need to stop wasting your time.

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