Dilemma Thursdays

Question "He follows and likes random chicks pics on social media. It makes me feel insecure"

Answer: Girl you need to drop his ass, period ! If he's making you feel insecure then he isn't for you. Another thing I will say is you need to work on yourself and level up on you confidence. Take some time out and focus on fully loving yourself to a point where nobody can make you feel insecure. Sometimes looking in a mirror every morning and saying pointing out all the things you love about yourself to your reflection really helps. 

Question: "If my lady don't do whatever I say in the bed room i get turnt off... Suck mydickputthetittiesontheshyt"

Answer: I can kind of understand this because everybody wants their partner to be able to please them the way they want to be pleased. All it takes is you talking to your partner and telling her where she needs to improve without being disrespectful. Make sure you take her feelings into consideration and ensure you talk to her like a human being and make her as comfortable as she can be ! 

Question: " I loved this nigga sooo much but he just kept me as a s friend and dumped me later on"

Answer: Sis, he doesn't respect you at all and you need to let him go ! He does not even deserve a little piece of you. Wait for the right guy to come along it just takes time and patience and let it be his loss. He's simply just blind and can't see what's infront of him and that's his problem, not yours ! Love yourself because nobody else can love you the way you can love yourself, period ! When you finally find the guy that you deserve, you honestly won't even think about this guy for one second, trust me boo.

Question: "Being BI AS HELL (some people can't process that)"

Answer: Be you unapologetically as long as you love yourself then nothing else matters and I mean NOTHING!  It really doesn't matter what anybody else thinks about you, what matters is what you think about you ! They do not need to be able to process anything as long as you have processed it, period ! 

Question: "She is doing well with her life but I effing up with my life coz I wasted too much time on her"

Answer: You need to concentrate on you and forget about everything she is doing. You cannot allow what she's doing now to ruin what you have got going on. You deserve to give yourself the best and that's just that ! Take it as a learning process, you tried and it failed and that's okay ! Everybody tries and fails,you've just got to get back up and bounce back ... That time you wasted is gone, let it go, you can never get it back but what you can do is make sure that you make the time that's coming more valuable.  


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