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A man cannot be kept if he doesn't want to be kept !

Period ! You can do back flips on the D, cook his favorite food every single day and even finance his life and he still might leave ! You cannot keep a man that does not want to be kept, Point , blank , Period ! Ladies, we have to get rid of this belief that there are things that you can do that can keep a man because its just a straight up fantasy. A man could even leave you  for a girl that doesn't even do half of what you're doing, it happens.  Don't ever do wife duties at a girlfriends price. Take this in well, learn it and stick by it. We will discuss this in another blog but for now get acquainted with it.  Back to the topic at hand, if a man doesn't want to be kept not even a baby can keep the man and we need to understand this ladies. I'm not saying girls are out there trapping men with babies to make them stay but I am saying that once you see the sign that a man does not really want to stay with you , that's when you double up on the protec

Cheaters Can't Handle Being Cheated On !

Aint this some truth lol ! Cheaters always want you to remain loyal while they're out there being unfaithful ! How ironic right? Can you imagine the audacity of a person to want something that they cannot give? Like how in the hell does it make any sense? I don't even mean to sound angry, i'm just as confused as everybody else because I just do not understand it! Like why should I be faithful to somebody who is out there cheating on me? Why can't we both cheat together since we are supposed to be one? See the reality is cheaters can't actually take being cheated on. They can cheat from now to Christmas but once they find out they're partner is cheating too, its a wrap! They can't handle it! Like honestly, what it do baby boo?.. If you can't handle being cheated on, don't cheat.. point, blank period! If you can't handle the pain, don't put somebody else through it simple! Point of this message is to do to others what you can accept u

Dilemms Thursdays

Q:"I like one boy but he does not like me" A: "This question already gives you the answer to be honest. If you know he does not like you then you need to let him go because you are wasting your time. Don't think you can spend ways trying to make him like you because trust me when I say that is not a method that actually works. A guy either likes you or he does not and it's just that simple. I would just advise that you take time out for yourself and do things that make you happy and trust me when I say the guy that will like you just as much as you like them will come into your life" Q:"Loving someone deeply whom you cannot marry due to religious reasons" A:" This is very sad to be honest but religion is very important so I cannot argue much against this. If your religion does not allow you to be with the person that you want to be with then I guess you have to follow your religion. "But one thing I will say is that just

God Allowed Them To Walk Away Because Of your Prayers

Some people really don't deep this and they really need to ! When you decide to pray on certain things you need to assess what is actually happening around you. If you start praying for a good partner and the person you're with starts acting up, then that person isn't the one for you, period!  Remember that God sees what we cannot see, so you have to trust in God to help you in the way God sees fit!  It is soo important to watch out for the signs that God leaves for us because it is detrimental to our future!  How about this, instead of praying for what you think you need, start praying that God shows you what you really need. Because there is a major difference between what you think you need and what you actually need in your life and us humans tend to confuse the two.  When I changed my prayer point in my life, things really changed for me and it only got better. God wiped out all the people that I didn't need in my life and replaced them with peopl