Cheaters Can't Handle Being Cheated On !

Aint this some truth lol ! Cheaters always want you to remain loyal while they're out there being unfaithful ! How ironic right? Can you imagine the audacity of a person to want something that they cannot give? Like how in the hell does it make any sense?

I don't even mean to sound angry, i'm just as confused as everybody else because I just do not understand it! Like why should I be faithful to somebody who is out there cheating on me? Why can't we both cheat together since we are supposed to be one? See the reality is cheaters can't actually take being cheated on. They can cheat from now to Christmas but once they find out they're partner is cheating too, its a wrap! They can't handle it!

Like honestly, what it do baby boo?.. If you can't handle being cheated on, don't cheat.. point, blank period! If you can't handle the pain, don't put somebody else through it simple!

Point of this message is to do to others what you can accept unto yourself and it's as simple as that !

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