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Q:"I like one boy but he does not like me"
A: "This question already gives you the answer to be honest. If you know he does not like you then you need to let him go because you are wasting your time. Don't think you can spend ways trying to make him like you because trust me when I say that is not a method that actually works. A guy either likes you or he does not and it's just that simple. I would just advise that you take time out for yourself and do things that make you happy and trust me when I say the guy that will like you just as much as you like them will come into your life"

Q:"Loving someone deeply whom you cannot marry due to religious reasons"
A:" This is very sad to be honest but religion is very important so I cannot argue much against this. If your religion does not allow you to be with the person that you want to be with then I guess you have to follow your religion. "But one thing I will say is that just make sure that it is definitely a religious reason and not just an excuse. I know many people that uses religion as an excuse to not be with a certain person even though there is nothing within the religion that states they they should be with the person that they are with, infact its more of the persons personal judgement". 

Q:"Y are independent woman afraid of Godly Men?"
A:" I don't actually know where you got this information from but it is incorrect! I don't know any independent woman that is afraid of Godly Men. However, I do know that there are men that claim to be "Godly" but are still out here doing Ungodly things, now those kind of men are the kind of men every woman should be afraid of. I always say, just because a man claims to be a man of God does not mean he is really practicing it, infact a man that does not claim it may be more of a man of God. Just a big warning to be careful and be aware that alot of people are not what they say they are and you have to look at their actions more than their speeches. 

Q:"My girl broke up with me and went to baby daddy but is still trying to msg and stalk my socials"
A:" Let that girl go. She made her bed now it is time for her to lay in it. She chose her baby father, now it is time for you to choose yourself. Let her go ! She doesn't deserve you if you're not her first choice, trust me! There's no sweeter revenge than moving on. Since she is stalking all of your social media then you need to show her you living your best life without her.. Show her that you are moving on and she isn't as important as she thinks because the truth is she isn't !   You don't need anybody in your life who does not choose you when you choose them! "

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