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Your looks and a baby isn't going to make him stay !

  This is a hard pill to swallow but it's facts ! Don't ever be so delusional to believe that you can keep a man because of your good looks or because you're having his baby.  A man will stay if he wants to stay, nothing can keep him unless he wants to be kept.  Now lets start with the looks aspect... Listen darling, you can be the most beautiful person in this world and a man will still cheat or leave you. To be honest, Men do get into relationships with females because of how they look but the looks don't make them stay. You can be pretty but you need to have traits that the man loves in order to make him want to be with you or make you his wife. A man needs to love you for you beyond the looks and see beyond a pretty face. Your looks just isn't enough. That's the reason you see soo many situations where a man would leave his pretty girlfriend/wife for somebody who isn't as pretty. In the dating stage you need to ask him about what he wants in a girlfriend