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If he cheats more than once with the same woman, leave !

  I mean do I really need to explain this or is it not just self explanatory. In fact it's just common sense, if i'm being honest. A man cheating is one thing but cheating with the same woman more than once is just damn right nasty !  If you have caught your man with the same man more than once, sis leave ! There is no need to stay in this situation because it's never going to change unless one of you get wiped out and that's pretty unrealistic. I'm telling you now that if your man can't leave that girl alone then there's something more there than just sex. The truth of the fact is that he has a lot of feelings for that girl and he just can't let her go. This doesn't mean he doesn't love you, it just means he loves you and her too.  When you find yourself in a situation like this, you have to choose yourself first because that's the only way you're going to find peace. If the other woman is refusing to leave then you may have to be the on

A good relationship should be based on love, respect, commitment and mutual trust between both partners

  Honestly, if your relationship does not consist of love, respect, commitment and mutual trust then just throw that whole relationship in the bin. Toss it, dump it just get rid of it. You can't be shouting you're in a relationship with your chest if your relationship isn't based on these five things.  You have to love your partner, respect your partner, be committed to your partner and trust your partner and vice versa. Without these components, your relationship has basically failed and it's not something you start building halfway through the relationship, these components have to be there in the beginning.  I know of situations where relationships started off with love, respect, commitment and trust and ended with none of these components. It's very possible that you fall out of love, lose respect, reduce your commitment and lose your trust whilst in the relationship, this is natural and sometimes just how life goes. However, it is soo important that once the re

Stop trying to tame the player, give your heart to the guy who doesn't play the game !

  I honestly believe life is soo simple but we humans make it complicated. Ladies, why do we always believe we can change or tame a player ? Why can't we make lives easy for ourselves and just give our hearts to the guy who doesn't play the game ? I know that there's this illusion that girls love themselves a bad boy and I actually put my hand up because this was me for a very long time. The idea of a bad boy just excited me and this was probably the reason I got played. But in all honesty imagine how much better your life would have been if you gave your heart to the guy who doesn't play the game. No heartbreak, No stress, No tears and No depression. Don't get me wrong, I do know that there are some guys out there who pretend to be everything they're not and you don't actually realise they're players until they play you. In this situation, you did not technically give your heart to a player, you gave it to a guy who pretended to be the good guy but ende

Sometimes you have to play the role of a fool to fool the fool

  Can I get an AMEN ?! Sometimes just sometimes you may need to play the role of a fool to fool the fool who believes they're fooling you. Now, I know you're probably thinking how the hell does this relate to relationships but just give me a second to explain. The player is evidently the fool fooling the person they're playing and in order to play them at their own game the person being played might need to play the role of the fool.  Now, When I say play the role of the fool I don't mean act foolish, I mean sometimes pretend you don't know what's happening. If you pretend as though you're oblivious to what is happening even though you are fully aware of what is going on and hardly react to their foolishness, you will most likely confuse the player.  The thing is, when you react to a players foolishness, you're making them aware that you know what's up which only makes them think of other ways to play you where they may not get caught and in one way

If you hesitate between me and another woman, choose her !

  Can I Get an Amen ?!?! If he hesitates even just a little bit between you and another woman, let him choose her ! That hesitation is enough to show you that you're not number 1 in his life ! It's even baffling to me that the love of my life will even hesitate to choose between me and another woman, is it crack, cocaine or meth you smoke. I mean what kind of drugs are you on ? Ladies we have to have self - worth and have love for ourselves to avoid even being in a situation like this. Before you even get to the stage of a man having to put you in a situation where he is  choosing between you and another female you would have seen the signs.You probably will have even been in a confrontation with the other woman but still decided to stand by your man because you believed you were his number one.  But trust me if you were his number one he wouldn't be out here embarrassing you or putting you in situations where you have to be arguing with another woman over him. Listen, I am

Dear Players, Don't let karma bite you through your daughters !

  Players are going to play and karma is going to have its way ! This is just the way life goes. But honestly you cannot go around breaking hearts and just expect karma to not catch up with you. If karma just about misses you it may just bite you through your daughter. Imagine your daughter coming home crying or almost going into depression because of a player who broke her heart without a care in the world. Your daughter who is most probably someone you will kill for is now being broken by a person that you used to be.  If players thought that what they were doing would effect their children, i'm sure they may think twice before breaking someones heart. But the issue is they just don't think or care about the consequences in that moment. All a player cares about in that moment of time is satisfying their own needs regardless of the heart that is being broken as a result of it.  To be quite honest i don't quite mind the idea of karma biting a player through their daughter a