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If you hesitate between me and another woman, choose her !


Can I Get an Amen ?!?! If he hesitates even just a little bit between you and another woman, let him choose her ! That hesitation is enough to show you that you're not number 1 in his life ! It's even baffling to me that the love of my life will even hesitate to choose between me and another woman, is it crack, cocaine or meth you smoke. I mean what kind of drugs are you on ?

Ladies we have to have self - worth and have love for ourselves to avoid even being in a situation like this. Before you even get to the stage of a man having to put you in a situation where he is  choosing between you and another female you would have seen the signs.You probably will have even been in a confrontation with the other woman but still decided to stand by your man because you believed you were his number one.  But trust me if you were his number one he wouldn't be out here embarrassing you or putting you in situations where you have to be arguing with another woman over him.

Listen, I am not oblivious to the fact that men cheat. But there is a major difference between a man cheating with different women because it's fun to do and a man cheating with one particular woman consistently. If a man is cheating with the same woman consistently, trust me theres some feelings there for that woman and it is possible this woman could be your replacement because theres something he has with her that he doesn't have with you. Its the hard truth but it is the truth. 

I can go on and on with this topic but Im going to end it with this, know when it's your time to leave before you are out here looking foolish. If your man hesitates between you and another woman, leave sis ! 

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