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Stop trying to tame the player, give your heart to the guy who doesn't play the game !


I honestly believe life is soo simple but we humans make it complicated. Ladies, why do we always believe we can change or tame a player ? Why can't we make lives easy for ourselves and just give our hearts to the guy who doesn't play the game ? I know that there's this illusion that girls love themselves a bad boy and I actually put my hand up because this was me for a very long time. The idea of a bad boy just excited me and this was probably the reason I got played.

But in all honesty imagine how much better your life would have been if you gave your heart to the guy who doesn't play the game. No heartbreak, No stress, No tears and No depression. Don't get me wrong, I do know that there are some guys out there who pretend to be everything they're not and you don't actually realise they're players until they play you. In this situation, you did not technically give your heart to a player, you gave it to a guy who pretended to be the good guy but ended up being the player. It's a case of bad luck honestly and I'm not addressing you ladies in this type of situation. However, i'm addressing the ladies who give their heart to the guy they can evidently see is a player instead of the guy who they can see would treat them right. 

Stop wanting to change the player, it won't end will for you in all honesty. You're not  superman or captain save a hoe. Put yourself first and give your heart to the guy who doesn't have time for the games and doesn't think it's cool to be the bad guy.

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